Featured Used Cars in Hampton, VA

Tysinger Hyundai provides a selection of Featured Inventory, representing new and popular items at competitive prices. Please take a moment to investigate these current highlighted models, hand-picked from our ever-changing inventories!

Highlights, Top Picks, & Specials from Our Hampton Used Car Inventory

While most folks from Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Williamsburg, VA first find themselves sorting through our new Hyundai inventory, there are a great many who locate exactly what they're looking for in our general used inventory or Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Hyundai inventory. That's no accident, because there are quite a few benefits to buying used over new.

On this page, we've hand-selected the best of our used and CPO inventories to highlight what's new, popular, or simply a great deal. This isn't a full representation of either inventories, but it should whet your appetite for what else our great pre-owned inventories hold.

Advantages to Buying Used:

Sometimes, buying pre-owned makes more sense than buying new, but if you're wondering what some of those benefits are, here's a quick rundown:

  • Costs Less: This one should be obvious, but we'll list it anyway: when you buy a vehicle used, it will very likely cost you less than if you had purchased that same vehicle brand new. Not to mention, your budget goes further in a used inventory vehicle over a new, but more on that later.
  • Lower Cost of Insurance: Insurance rates aren't based entirely on the value of your vehicle, but they are partly, and when you buy used over new, your vehicle's value is lower than a new one, which means your insurance rates are likely to be lower than if you'd bought a new model.
  • Lower Cost of State Registration: Perhaps you're sensing a theme here, but this is another area where choosing a pre-owned vehicle over a brand-new one can save you money down the line, this time with your state registration. When you register your vehicle in a state, the fee is based in part on the transaction price - what you paid for your vehicle. When you pay less for your vehicle by buying used, your registration fee will be proportionally lower.
  • Reduced Cost of Depreciation: When you buy new, the moment you drive off the lot, your vehicle undergoes its first and largest round of depreciation. Continuing on the theme of saving money, when you buy used, your vehicle has already seen that first, big hit of depreciation, so it won't go through quite the steep drop again, which means if you ever choose to sell it, it'll maintain more of its value!
  • Choices, Choices, & Great Finds: Here's one that doesn't have to do with money: shopping in a pre-owned inventory gives you a chance to find some unique or rare trims or feature packages at an affordable price, and vehicles that are into another model year or have even ceased production are often readily available in a used or Certified Pre-Owned inventory.
  • More for the Money: Last but not least, when you shop in a pre-owned inventory, your budget simply stretches further than it would in a brand-new one. With stronger buying power in a pre-owned inventory, vehicles that are near-new with current, cutting-edge technology are suddenly affordable if you turn your search from a new inventory to a pre-owned one.

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