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Tysinger Hyundai Wants to Buy Your Car, & We'll Buy Yours Even if You Don't Buy One from Us

While other car dealerships only want to sell you a vehicle, here at Tysinger Hyundai, we also want to buy your used car! In fact, we'll buy your vehicle regardless of whether you buy one from us!

Selling your vehicle with us isn't just a convenient option, it's also a sound financial choice; our dealership serves as a buying center for both Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, so our appraisers and buyers are always on-site for a speedy, professional, and fair evaluation, and this also allows us to buy your vehicle even if you don't want one of ours. We're buying cars all across Virginia, so if you're in Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, or Williamsburg, don't forget about us when it comes time to sell your used vehicle!

There Are Plenty of Reasons to Sell Your Vehicle with Tysinger Hyundai, Here Are a Few:

  • Fast, Fair, Professional Appraisals: As a Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader certified buying center, we're able to offer on-site professional appraisers, which means fast and fair appraisals for you!
  • We're Ready to Buy: We make every effort to deliver accurate and fairly appraised offers, and we'll buy your vehicle without expecting you to buy one of ours, but you're always welcome to look around for better offers or to shoot us down outright-don't worry, our feelings will be okay!
  • Upfront Payment: Selling with a private party can be a pain, especially if they don't pay you promptly or at all! When you sell to us, once you accept our offer, you'll receive payment almost instantly.
  • No Grumpy Customers: If you've ever tried selling something through the classifieds or online to a private buyer, then you know that having a dissatisfied customer come back to you with complaints, problems, questions, or even attempted returns can be a huge headache! You don't have to worry about any of that with us. Our purchases are final, so when you accept our offer, we'll take on full responsibility for the vehicle and you can move on without a second thought.

I'm Ready to Sell - What Happens Next?

If you're ready to sell, we're ready to buy! Simply us the form provided to request an appraisal appointment and leave the rest to us. You just bring your vehicle in at the appointed time and our professional team will get straight to work delivering a fair and honest offer to your as quickly as we can.

Request an Appraisal Appointment

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